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Fonts for UNIX Systems

The following fonts are available for most UNIX systems; they are displayed in Figure D-6.

Charter Clean Courier
Fixed Helvetica Lucida
Lucida bright Lucida Typewriter New Century Schoolbook
Symbol Terminal Times

Most users may have many other fonts in addition to the ones shown in the tables. Users of Microsoft's Office will probably also have access to fonts such as Algerian, Book Antiqua, Bookman Old Style, Britannic Bold, Desdemona, Garamond, Century Gothic, Haettenschweiller, and many others. The various browsers are also trying to make new fonts available. Microsoft's Webdings font provides many common icons for use on Web pages viewed in Internet Explore 4.0 or higher. Some of these icons may be useful for navigation, like arrows, while others look like audio or video symbols that could provide an indication of link content.

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Figure D-6
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