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Appendix A provides a complete reference for the elements in the HTML 4.01 and XHTML 1.0 specifications.

Appendix B addresses cascading style sheets. When used properly, style sheets separate style from document structure, as was originally intended for HTML. A full listing of CSS1 is presented in this appendix. The visual properties of CSS2 are presented in their entirety; however, the aural properties are only briefly summarized given their lack of use. The appendix concludes with an overview of some of the proprietary CSS properties supported by Internet Explorer, some of which appear slated for inclusion in CSS3.

Appendix C lists the special characters available in both standard HTML versions and XHTML.

Appendix D contains a quick reference for the commonly available fonts on various platforms and a brief discussion of downloadable fonts.

Appendix E provides information about the use of colors on the Web, from how to calculate browser-safe colors, adjust unsafe colors, and form hybrid colors, to the use of color names and their numerical equivalents as used in HTML and CSS, and browser support of color names.

(X)HTML Elements
CSS Properties
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