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As with any project of this size, errors are bound to creep into the final product.

This page will be updated frequently to reflect all errors discovered in the fourth edition of HTML/XHTML: The Complete Reference.

NOTE: The images used in the book's code examples should be available on this website. However, most of them have been renamed with the prefix EX_. If updating the code with this prefix does not help, please contact the email address below for assistance.

Please send any comments or errors to

Chapter 4
p. 101, Table 4-2 contains the following errors:

  • %3E should be %3C
  • %3C should be %3E
  • %27 should be %60
  • %60 should be %27
  • ^^ should be ^
p. 120, five lines from the bottom, there is a missing colon after "http"

Chapter 5
p. 161, second line, &quot: should be "

Chapter 7
p. 226, the two illustration examples are flip-flopped. The top one should show the decimal points lined up.

Chapter 10
p. 298: The third line in the code listings under text-transform should read:
.lower   { text-transform: lowercase; }

p. 305, second line:
ol {list-style-type:upper-roman;}
is equivalent to <ol type="i">
should read:
ol {list-style-type:upper-roman;}
is equivalent to <ol type="I">

p. 319, seven lines down in the example, there should be a space between style and type.

Chapter 16
p. 521, five lines from the bottom, alr="Demo Company" /> should be alt="Demo Company" />
(X)HTML Elements
CSS Properties

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