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HTML XHTML The Complete Reference
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If you enjoyed HTML/XHTML: The Complete Reference, be sure to take a look at these other critically acclaimed titles by Thomas A. Powell. Click on any title to go directly to and purchase the book.
Web Design Ref
Web Design: The Complete Reference (Osborne/McGraw-Hill)
Create effective Web sites following the latest technologies and techniques. Author, instructor, and Web design guru Thomas Powell has fully-revised this second edition (August 2002) of his highly instructive Web design and development techniques. From determining your needs and planning your site, to the nuts-and-bolts of page development with text, graphics, scripts, and multimedia, everything you'll need to know is covered in this comprehensive volume. The companion Web site is loaded with live examples you can apply to your own site, along with links to other useful sites and downloadable tools.

Web Design Ref
JavaScript: The Complete Reference (Osborne/McGraw-Hill)
by Thomas Powell and Fritz Schneider
Add power and flexibility to Web sites using this in-depth guide to JavaScript. Extensive coverage of everything from language fundamentals to advanced Document Object Model (DOM) manipulation make this the perfect resource for both new and experienced developers. You'll learn how to write cross-browser scripts for a wide range of tasks including form validation, DHTML menus, interacting with browser plug-ins, and much, much more! This companion web site gives you easy access to some of the book's numerous examples as well as sample chapters and a comprehensive on-line language reference. Get started improving your JavaScript today!

HTML Programmer's Reference HTML Programmer's Reference (Osborne/McGraw-Hill)
This compact companion volume to HTML: The Complete Reference provides easy access to all HTML elements defined by the offical HTML 4.0 standard, as well as many proprietary elements in current use. Each entry includes a complete rundown of each element's attributes and values, along with usage examples, notes on browser compatibility, and browser attribute support. Co-authored by Thomas A. Powell and Dan Whitworth.
Web Site Engineering
Web Site Engineering: Beyond Web Page Design (Prentice-Hall)
Web Site Engineering by Thomas A. Powell (with David L. Jones and Dominique C. Cutts) is the first book to systematically address the management, technical and operational issues that arise when Web sites become sophisticated application deployment platforms. It builds on hard-won software engineering principles, defining a new model for Web site development that delivers reliability, scalability and value without compromising speed.

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