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CSS2 Aural Style Properties

CSS2 specifies a number of properties for use with speech-based browsers. No major browsers currently support these properties; however, in the future they may be useful for defining how speech-enabled browsers will "read" a document, right down to rate of speech, pauses before and after words, and when reading should be cued. Table B-7 lists the CSS2 aural style properties: more details on these properties are presented in Chapter 11.
azimuth cue
cue-after cue-before
elevation pause
pause-after pause-before
pitch pitch-range
play-during richness
speak speak-header
speak-numeral speak-punctuation
speech-rate stress
voice-family volume
table b-7
TIP While aural properties may seem to have little use, some CSS authors like to use aural style sheet rules to confuse certain browser versions to overload properties. This technique is not suggested and scripting logic should be used instead.

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