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<spacer> (Extra Space)

This Netscape proprietary element specifies an invisible region that is useful for page layout.

Proprietary Syntax (Netscape 3 and 4 Only)

align="absmiddle | absbottom | baseline | bottom |
left | middle | right | texttop | top"
type="block | horizontal | vertical"

Element Specific Attributes

This attribute specifies the alignment of the spacer with respect to surrounding text. It is used only with spacers with type="block". The default value for the align attribute is bottom. The meanings of the align values are similar to those used with the <img> element.

This attribute specifies the height of the invisible region in pixels. It is used only with spacers with type="block".

Used with type="block" and type="horizontal" spacers, this attribute sets the spacer's width in pixels. Used with a type="vertical" spacer, this attribute is used to set the spacer's height.

This attribute indicates the type of invisible region. A horizontal spacer adds horizontal space between words and objects. A vertical spacer is used to add space between lines. A block spacer defines a general-purpose positioning rectangle like an invisible image that text can flow around.

This attribute is used only with the type="block" spacer and is used to set the width of the region in pixels.


A line of text with two <spacer type="horizontal" size="20">words
separated by 20 pixels. Here is a line of text.<br>
<spacer type="vertical" size="50">

Here is another line of text with a large space between the two
lines.<spacer align="left" type="block" height="100" width="100"> This is a bunch of text that flows around an invisible block region. You could have easily performed this layout with a table.


No Standards
Netscape 3, 4, 4.5-4.8


This element should not be used. Newer versions of the Netscape browser (6 and 7) have dropped support for this element.

Some Web editors and slicing tools, particularly older versions of Adobe GoLive (formerly known as CyberStudio), rely on this element. It should be removed from documents, and spacer GIFs or other techniques should be used.

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