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<noembed> (No Embedded Media Support)

This Netscape-specific element is used to indicate alternative content to be displayed on browsers that cannot support an embedded media object. It should occur in conjunction with the embed element.

Proprietary Syntax (Defined by Netscape)


Alternative content for non-embed supporting browsers


Element Specific Attributes

Netscape does not specifically define attributes for this element; however, Netscape documentation suggests that class, id, style, and title might be supported for this element.


<embed src="" height="150" width="150">
  <img src="trailer.gif">
  <br />

Sorry, this browser is not configured to display video.


No standards
Netscape 2, 3, 4 – 4.7


This element will disappear as the <object> style of inserting media into a page becomes more common.

Even if other browsers do not support the tag and render its contents, it works in the manner it was designed.

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