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<multicol> (Multiple Column Text)

This Netscape-specific element renders the enclosed content in multiple columns. This element should not be used; a table is a more standard way to render multiple columns of text across browsers.

Proprietary Syntax (Defined by Netscape)

class="class name(s)"
cols="number of columns"
id="unique alphanumeric identifier"
style="style information"


Element Specific Attributes

This attribute indicates the number of columns in which to display the text. The browser attempts to fill the columns evenly

This attribute indicates the width in pixels between the columns. The default value for this attribute is 10 pixels.

This attribute indicates the column width for all columns. The width of each column is set in pixels and is equivalent for all columns in the group. If the attribute is not specified, the width of columns will be determined by taking the available window size, subtracting the number of pixels for the gutter between the columns (as specified by the gutter attribute), and evenly dividing the result by the number of columns in the group (as set by the cols attribute).


<multicol cols="3" gutter="20">
Put a long piece of text here....


No standards
Netscape 3, 4, 4.5– 4.8


Page developers are strongly encouraged not to use this element. Netscape dropped this element for browser versions 6.0 and higher. Its inclusion in this book is for support of existing documents only.

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