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<bgsound> (Background Sound)

This Internet Explorer element associates a background sound with a page.

Standard Syntax (Defined by Internet Explorer 4)

id="unique alphanumeric identifier"
src="url of sound file"
volume="number" />

Events Defined by Internet Explorer

onlayoutcomplete, onmouseenter, onmouseleave, onreadystatechange

Element Specific Attributes

This attribute defines a number between -10,000 and +10,000 that determines how the volume will be divided between the speakers.

This attribute indicates the number of times a sound is to be played and either has a numeric value or the keyword infinite.

This attribute specifies the URL of the sound file to be played, which must be one of the following types: .wav, .au, or .mid.

This attribute defines a number between -10,000 and 0 that determines the loudness of a page's background sound.


<bgsound src="sound1.mid">

<bgsound src="" loop="infinite">


No standards Internet Explorer 2, 3, 4, 5, 5.5, 6


Similar functionality can be achieved in some versions of Netscape using the <embed> tag to invoke an audio player.

You can write bgsound with a self-closing tag <bgsound />. However, since this element is not part of a standard, making it XHTML-like will not make it validate.

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