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Chapter 5

A great Web site isn't just about correct markup. Site organization, navigation, interactivity, content, delivery, and a multitude of other issues affect a user's perception of a site. However, images probably are the most obvious part of a great Web site. Carefully used imagery can add to both the appeal and usability of a Web site. Creation of Web-ready images certainly is beyond the scope of this book, but HTML authors should at minimum be aware of the basics of Web image formats such as GIF and JPEG and know when they are being used appropriately. Although the basic HTML/XHTML syntax of adding images to a page using the img element is relatively straightforward, creation of an aesthetically pleasing page is truly more art than it is science. Tools can make Web image creation easier, but readers should be realistic and consider both their own artistic limitations as well as the download constraints of the Web before going overboard with images.

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