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Thomas Powell is a long time Internet and Web industry veteran. After an early stint at CERFnet in the early 90s, he founded Powell Internet Consulting (later renamed PINT) in 1994, a Web and network consulting services firm. The firm has grown significantly over the years to become a well respected player in corporate Web site development and has large clients all over the country in a variety of industries.

Beyond his involvement at PINT, Thomas is well known in the academic community both regionally and internationally. He founded the UCSD Extension Web Publishing program in the late 1990s and continues to teach classes in Web development and design there. He is also an instructor for the UCSD Computer Science Department where he teaches classes in Web design theory, Web Programming and the theory of programming languages.

Mr. Powell is well published and his work has appeared in numerous trade journals. He continues to publish regularly in Network World and is a member of the prestigious Network World Test Alliance. He also has published numerous books on Web technology and design, including the best-selling Web Design: The Complete Reference and JavaScript: The Complete Reference. His books have been translated into over 12 languages and are used around the world both in industry and college settings.

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