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<title>Quotation Example</title>

<h1 align="center">Demo Company Quotes</h1>

<p>See the comments the press has about Demo Company's futuristic products.</p>

<q>My friend's friend said, <q cite="sounds fishy">My mother's uncle's cousin thinks that the Demo Company robot is the greatest invention ever!</q>

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--George P. Somolovich, Ordinary Citizen

<blockquote cite="http://www.democompany.com">
Demo Company's products are by far the best fictitious products ever produced! Gadget lovers and haters alike will marvel at the sheer uselessness of Demo Company gadgets. It's a true shame that their products are limited only to HTML examples! </blockquote>

--Matthew J. Foley, Useless Products Magazine

<p>With kudos like this, you need to make sure to buy your Demo Company products today!</p>